The Perfect Weapon for the Success of Your Crowdfunding Campaign

People launch their crowdfunding campaigns using descriptive introductions, pictures, videos, rewards and perks to attract the backers. But, these are the factors all the crowdfunding campaigns use in common.

For some people who start their first crowdfunding campaign, it is a push of creating a web presence and they are qualified to create a webpage.

The first mistake of a crowdfunding failure is the common words used for advertising. Try to use different words and do not copywriter as people will be bored of reading the same words and sentences.

A good crowdfunder is considered to be a good salesperson and he should know the basics of how the actual presentation of the sale can impact the sale.

Backers who have no knowledge in sales can succeed as the crowdfunding professional can help you make out the problem.

The crowdfunding professional are helping the crowd funders to improve their campaign by providing tips regarding rewards, perks, advertisements without copy writer, publicity of crowdfunding campaigns and so on.

Even if the crowd funders are not clear about the mistakes they do in their crowdfunding campaigns, the crowdfunding professionals get a view about the project owner’s mistakes that stops the project from success results.

With the help of a crowdfunding consultant, a good crowd funder can achieve the project goal and get rid of all the crowdfunding traps to make the project best of all.

Crowdfunding consulting services will be available to those who purchases crowdfunding consultant promotion packages.

What exactly means peer to peer lending?

We know what crowdfunding platforms are all about, it provides an opportunity for people who are looking to raise funds for their campaigns. A lot of us are literally clueless about peer to peer lending, but honestly speaking, it is safer and more realistic than crowdfunding. If you know the concept of bank loans, it should be easy to understand the concept of peer to peer lending as well. Peer-to-peer lending is a more advanced and simpler version of a bank loan.

The banks let you to borrow money only when you adhere to certain terms and conditions, whether you like it or not, you need to nod your head! Also, you need to go through a lot formalities and it could very frustrating as well. Basically, the banks are looting money of people as funds and provide others with loan. It pays less interest to people who deposit money into banks and collects more interest from people who take bank loans. That makes sense, eh?

Peer to peer lending deals with software and it is a platform that has borrowers and investors in it. Matching profiles are found out and the appropriate decision will be made, both the borrower and the investor are benefitted! Since it is an online application, it is very quick than long frustrating procedures of bank loans. Collateral is not needed in peer to peer lending and it gives a huge relief sign to people who are in need of funds. Repayment rate is standard and there are no prepayment penalties. How freaking cool is that? The investors on the application can have good returns and regular cash flow every month. Peer to peer lending is definitely a better option, so forget about the bank loans!

Ways to promote a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter

A crowdfunding project is the latest ongoing trend that has been widely talked about! There are many crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, HeadFunder, etc. that help in funding many projects. Not all the projects end up with flying colors, more than half of the projects fail terribly. But do not get disheartened yet; a crowdfunding project may pick up the pace at any stage during the process. A project may turn out to be a good one at the most crucial stage of the process and it may even show good results in the first week right after the launch. If a project progress is steady throughout the campaign, there are high chances for it to be successful.

Do not have high expectations on your goal before you launch a project, it may betray you or be unkind to you, not kidding guys! Many aspiring entrepreneurs are clueless about crowdfunding project campaigns, some do not even know where to begin with! You are not going to be cursed if you do research before you plan your project, it could benefit you in many ways during the process. If your campaign is for a noble cause, then you are likely to hit the funding goal target and also exceed that. A crowdfunding project promotion is essential if you are determined to taste the victory and double thumbs up if you spend money for promotions! Send out invites, personal cards to your friends, host promotional events like marathons, and build healthy relationship with the bloggers. Also, be active on social networking sites and spend some bucks on advertising agents. You are good to go, but always remember to plan in advance prior to your project launch; after all, you gain much more than just funds!         


Three Categories of Real Estate Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding provides the facility for investors to identify their opportunities for real estate investment and real estate companies to raise their capital and manage investors.

Here are the three business models and its advantages:

Direct investing

This model allows the investors to invest directly in real estate with a sponsor. The crowdfunding acts as an intermediate between real estate sponsor and investors to raise the capital. Other firms who adopted this model include CrowdStreet, RealCrowd and EarlyShares.

One of the great advantages of this model is that the investors can co invests in the real estate alongside a financial sponsor. Therefore the investment risk is with the sponsor being able to meet the plans of business for that particular fund starter techniques in

The sponsors get the benefit to directly connect with new investors and gain access to the capital.

Indirect investing

This model is used by companies like Fundraise, iFunding and Realty Mogul. Investors are participating through a special purpose vehicle by the crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding decides how much capital they can donate for the sponsor’s capital stack.

This model acts as a standard source of capital as the sponsors obtain new investors where the sponsor doesn’t know about the individual investors.

Software as a service

This third crowdfunding option enables software as a service technology with their existing website. This enables investor’s management services and online fundraising to their own private as well as public investors.

The benefit of this model is that sponsors can use the technology platform to develop their own direct investing portal.


High expectations make Kickstarter campaigns complicated

A kickstarter campaign could be hectic if you expect it to raise funds more than its capacity. Raising funds more than the actual target is not impossible, but you should be well prepared to face the consequences. Not only million dollar companies make successful crowdfunding campaigns, even small ventures could make the most off it. A plan with serious strategies could produce ground breaking results but you must give your hundred percent to it.  Managing the campaign that exceeds your expectation requires a lot of donors and sponsors. You would also need advice from the companies that have had successful crowdfunding campaigns. A kickstarter start page should be creative and innovative to grab attention from the backers. It should have a thoughtful kickstarter video, graphical banners and HD images to make it a high quality page.

You will have to sacrifice your quality time to produce a fruitful campaign and always be aware of its contender’s moves. Time management is a key factor when you deal with projects that exceed your expectations. Raising funds even after hitting the target is quite impressive, but you got to make use of every minute.

Once you reach the target, you are not only benefited with funds alone. You will learn a lot of other factors as well. Another important rule is to never give up in the half way; the campaign may pick up the pace at any time. So do not cancel the campaigns if it does not turn out to be productive in the first week.


Different ways to promote your crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

A crowdfunding campaign would be hectic at times and a failed attempt would be even more devastating. Hence it is always wise to choose the right path that leads to success. You will have to start planning for it few months before the official launch. Promotions should be attractive enough to reach the audience. It can be done through many ways like blogs, public forums, events and social media sites. You can open an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other sites to gather followers. You can always post pictures, videos and quotes to keep the followers updated with your current works. Pinterest allows you to post your unique creations and it could give the promotion to your Kickstarter campaign. So never ever underestimate the power of social media, it could make your work go viral!

Conducting events like marathons and not-so-traditional runs can definitely fetch you donors for your campaigns. It would cause you some bucks to host those events, but nevertheless, it gives a fruitful and productive result at the end of the day. Communities offer a great help as you can stay in touch with like minded people and build a healthy relationship with them.

Having links with important people could fetch you some publicity and a little bit of pixie dust. Advertising industry is the key factor for many success stories and it does justice to the crowdfunding campaign as well. Initially, you could go for free ads but later shift to paid ads once you hit the target. Paid ads would fetch you even more funds and make the campaign most successful. Google ads would be viewed by millions of people across the globe and it is the secret ingredient for instant promotion. You should also be aware of ad scams and do not fall for the trap.

crowd funding

Points to do before the launch of crowdfunding campaign

Create a website:

By setting your own website you can able to get the email address of backers who are interested to join you. Customers can easily find you through social networks by your domain name.

Using Google analytics you will get some idea about your visitors and their interest. Through your website you can able to share enough information about your project to the backers.

Connect with social media networks:

Building a strong connection with some the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will help you to launching the campaign in a simple way.

Sharing your videos and information’s on facebook will get many likes and shares. You will also get many followers through Twitter.

Calculate amount for tax:

If you are going to give rewards to your backers or fulfilling pre orders then it is necessary to have a clear view about the manufacturing scenarios.

Develop relationship:

Connect with your old friends, new ones and friends in your social media networks to get support in financial purpose. Some friends will create videos to help the people raise their money or business.

Study other crowdfunding platform:

In order to get good idea about what to do in your own platform, study other crowdfunding campaigns. You can able to learn more by watching their videos, their rewards for the backers and similar prospects.

Manage your platform:

Set some time for managing your project step by step like launching, managing and promoting. It depends on the creators where some creators will work full time for their project.

Create contents:

Add some interesting and attractive contents like videos and campaign page that grab’s people attention.

Join free crowdfunding Email course:

Before entering the publish button, join some free email course which cover some essentials for the campaign launch.